SoNET "The Entrepreneurs Web Engine"

SoNET - The Web Design Automation product of the decade!
SELL WEBSITES - 450 Million+ new sites will be purchased by 2015!
CREATE AFFILIATE MARKETING SITES - Unlimited sites in minutes!
CREATE A SOCIAL NETWORK - Earn money from subscribers!

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FEATURE Drupal Wordpress Joomla DotNetNuke SoNET
Web Design Automation Technology No No No No Yes
Customer Self-Service Capability No No No No Yes
Unlimited Website Generation No No No No Yes
Root & Site Template Hot-Swapping No No No No Yes
.Exe Installation w Setup Wizard No No No No Yes
Widget & Template Kit No No No No Yes

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WEBMASTERS increase their income levels by increasing their output AND capability.
YOU can CREATE A SOCIAL NETWORK that generates a profit from SUBSCRIPTIONS.
All of this can be achieved without a high degree of technical knowledge or advanced skills. The Web Design Automation technology at the core of this Web Engine makes this the easiest to use, highest performance software of this type on the market at ANY price. Installation and configuration can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes. This means that you can have a fully functional Social Network, Be ready to sell your first website or create unlimited affiliate sites in less than 10 minutes. See for yourself on one of our evaluation servers which are running Microsoft Windows 8.1, Server 2012R@ and SQL Server Express 2012.


Why you should purchase SoNET?

Why should you become a Mini-ISP and SELL WEBSITES using SoNET?
Selling Websites is very smart business. More than 450 Million more will be sold by 2015. SoNET allows you to SELL websites over the Web just like Fortune Top 500 software companies are starting to do. This is the only way to do this without advanced programming skills and large financial resources. Everyday, less and less people hire a Webmaster to build them an expensive custom Website. More and more people simply log on and serve themselves. This saves them time and money. The SoNET Web Engine allows YOU to provide this service, just like leading technology companies do.
Why should you become a Social Entrepreneur and create subscriber networks with SoNET?
Large generic Social Networks like the ones you are thinking of right now have huge overhead cost and are nearly impossible to profit from until you have attained many, many users. A small topic based network that charges a subscription / membership fee has a much better chance of generating revenue without needed large numbers of users. The bottom line is, if you own the Social Network, then you reap the rewards. Charging a subscription fee for the use of a specific, topic based or niche Social Network puts CASH INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.
Why should you become an Affiliate Marketing Guru using SoNET?
This may be the ONLY resource that has the power to output powerful, unlimited multimedia and data collection capable websites in seconds. The amount of sites you can create are only limited by the physical disk space on your server*. If you want to increase your income in this business you need SoNET to do it.

PURCHASE SoNET NOW for just $399 US.


    SoNET gives you the capability to output many more websites with more features and capability in less time. Even if you already use some sort of CMS or templates to do your lower end sites. SoNET can create a website in seconds. The amount of sites is only limited by the storage space on your server*. On top of that, YOUR SERVER host those websites and YOU can charge for hosting if you like or just throw it in as added value. Additionally, SoNET DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO CONSTANTLY ADMINISTRATE IT. Once installed and setup, you are not needed because your customers can serve themselves over the Internet or Intranet if you choose to let them. So you can go and promote your business instead of sitting at your desk worrying about deadlines and arguing over prices for complicated features. If you are not making enough money right now as a Webmaster then you NEED this product.

    SoNET gives your customer a greatly increased value proposition by allowing you to offer websites with all the features they need, at unbeatable prices, FAST! You can meet these demands INSTANTLY with SoNET and you will not need ANY advanced technical skills to do it. You can now offer dynamic,data driven services like Forms with data storage, Classified Ads, Blogging, Journals, Comments, Ratings, Multimedia Albums, Slideshows, Video-Chat, Memberships and much more. These are features that they would normally have to pay thousands to get from anywhere else, and now they will be able to get from you. You can sell websites for any price that makes sense for your business. Your cost is almost NOTHING besides the cost of keeping your domain and server running. This can be done for less than $30 per month using proper hosting such as a Windows Azure VM.

    Affiliate Marketing Guru's
    The secret to making money with Affiliate Marketing is FLOOD THE SEARCH RESULTS WITH YOUR WEBSITES. You can not do that with ANY other product as easily as you can with SoNET. You can simply create as many websites as you want and each can collect emails and even sell directly with no need to leave the site. You don't need a separate suite of tools to make money anymore, you just need a bigger, better Web Engine. Each website you generate has a basic SEO wizard to use on each site. Beyond that you can obviously point any domain you like at any website you generate. This means you can finally LOCK UP KEYWORDS and LOCK UP PHRASES like the Guru's do. This software is what you need to INCREASE YOUR INCOME. Think about the following example for a few moments to see clearly why this is the software you need.

    You want to sell Pencils. You research a total of 100 keywords and phrases you need to CORNER THE MARKET using the Search Engine's. Next you use SoNET to create 100 websites and you add unique content that features the proper densities for each keyword focused site. Next you use each sites SEO tool to get the proper tags to match your content and you get all 100 sites crawled in a short time via the onboard SEO Tools and some social book-marking. Now you start pointing key-worded domains to those site's and they then generate $2 per day average, for one year. This all takes you 1 week to do with SoNET and the domains cost you $700 total. You will make over $72,000 dollars in that year. That is what we mean by "You need this software".

    Social Network Entrepreneurs
    You can create a niche Social Network and make money from member subscriptions in as little as a few hours. We show you and tell you exactly what to do to make it work. Here is an example of a Social Network, powered by SoNET that has hundreds of subscribers generating revenue for the owner. If you have an idea, then you have a network that can make money PERIOD. There are 7 BILLION people on earth and everyone of them loves to congregate with others. Now you just need a topic and SoNET

SoNET - "The Entrepreneurs WEB ENGINE"